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SARON is an independent Nepalese call center and rescue organisation based in Kathmandu

SARON is a benchmark independent Nepalese call center and rescue organization based in Nepal. It operates on the entire Nepalese territory with a toll-free 24/7/365 emergency hotline number - 1199. SARON, though specialized in long line heli rescue and evacuation, we also conduct rescue interventions anyway in Nepal for patients with an acute illness or accident victims. Stabilization of the patients and transportation to the nearest hospital or health post.

Saron Nepal

Nepal being a mountainous terrain offers a lot of technical challenges to the adventure seekers who often suffer from High Altitude Sickness, injuries and other ailments. Since the mountainous region is remote by nature, for most of the cases, rescue by helicopter in Nepal is the only possible means.  We have a team of professional rescuers and Pilots who are familiar with the terrain and the types of accidents and injuries that are likely to occur in this part of the world. The pilots are knowledgeable about the environmental and geographical conditions of the region as they have many hours of flight experience in the Himalayas

SARON's main mission is to come up with a fair billing system and do away with the prevailing fraudulence activities in the helicopter rescue missions viz. unnecessary evacuations, fast ride down, inflation of rescue invoices, etc. 

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For the first time in Nepal, a team of trained and qualified Rescue Guides, Pilots and Medics have a common platform in SARON which can be promptly activated into a Rescue Intervention ensuring best and fastest possible emergency treatment.

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